Becoming DaddyM

It was 5:50am. I was sleeping (ghode bech ke) and snoring away to glory (or so i am told), when my wife woke me up saying – “I think my water just broke”. I sprang out of the bed like The Undertaker (WWE) in the ring. I didn’t know what to say, what to do, where to go or even what the hell just happened!! (MINDFREEZE MOMENT)
My wife held my hand and said, “Hey! Chill! Calm down! We’re going to have our baby today”  Those words kept ringing in my mind the whole time as I went about waking everybody in the house and loading our hospital bags. Lady Preggers in the meantime was cool as a cucumber. She went in for a bath, got dressed and even put on her colossal kajal!!!!
We (me,my wife and my in laws)rushed to the hospital early morning. There instead of  me calming the mother to be, she was trying to calm me down. I had no friicckin idea what was going to happen next.
I kept going inside the labour room to check whether our lil person was here or not. But all the nurses just smiled and said there was nothing yet. Obviously I didn’t pay any attention to Lady Pregger’s birthing instructions, else I would have known this was gong to take some hours.
Then after 10 hours of sitting outside the labour room, It finally happened.  I HEARD IT !  “baby of Archana”. I just froze. I couldn’t get off the chair on which I was sitting, waiting anxiously for this moment. The nurse repeated- “Baby of Archana.” This time I gathered some strength and went to see what’s happening. The nurse was holding  a little someone wrapped in a receiving blanket… and the lil someone was moving. Rest all had blurred into the background, until the nurse said  “Congratulations! It’s a girl!!” I was a Father to a beautiful (read: tiny, gooey and wrinkly) daughter.
LilM was looking at me. And she rolled her eyes over like this 🙄 for a tiny moment..(as if she was saying to herself, couldn’t my mother do anyone better than this monkey!!) and before she disappeared behind the doors of the labour room again, I managed to pass a smile at her and waved too!!
After a couple of hours of calls, texts and what not, I was summoned by the nurse to meet the newcomer. And there she was sleeping next to her mother who was smiling ear to ear and said  “Look what I made”
I just couldn’t take my eyes off lilM. She didn’t resemble anyone at that time. Because to me all babies look same at birth. But I just was amazed and awestruck by the cuteness of this little human being. I remember her first cry.  Nooooo!  it didn’t sound like an A.R. Rahman song. It was a very real and very shrill cry. But when you know you are responsible for the person making that loud noise, you get over the jolt it sent down your spine and learn to enjoy the melodious voice.
Next morning, I went into the labour room and brought MommyM and lilM to our private room in the hospital. That was when I held her for the first time. She was literally the size of my palm and a little more, so tiny.
Although the feeling of becoming a father was yet to sink in, I knew that I really was on my way to becoming a DAD….. 
– DaddyM