‘Tis the Season for Introspection

The December Bug has bitten. Off I go into the introspection – looking back/looking forward routine. Much has happened this year. Seriously folks! I have had more things happen over the last 12 months than I have had in the last 12 years!! The key development remains that I found the parent in me.

So, I got parenting on my mind this year end.ย  Here’s what I got going in my head:

  1. Parenting for me has been more of a learnt and acquired skill as opposed to the natural and biological art, I thought it would be.
  2. ย I spent more time noting my findings from baby diapers than I spent on myself
  3. There is no end to how much LilM can amaze me every single day, (I claim to know her the best, but she surprises me one way or another all the time.)
  4. This year, I have cooked more than I have all my life. (Has been the best year food-wise)
  5. We have made some tough decisions this year, and I am surprised to find that I have no regrets with any of them.
  6. ย I have spent more time in my jammies than what can be called normal
  7. I have only read one thing that is not about parenting or childcare
  8. Flight tickets have overthrown ‘eating out’ as our number one expense of this year
  9. I have managed to have some quality ‘me time’ and ‘lone time’ this year.
  10. The definition of being married has changed. Our relationship has grown through the frikkking roof, this year.

If I were to write a Letter to Santa this year, I would probably ask him for a magnifying glass that I can point at myself while I look for my sense of self outside the spectrum of parenting. For that is turning out to be a rather slow and tedious affair, but I know it holds the key to the best in me as a parent and is worth every effort we put in.

Introspection is my magnifying glass, this is my letter and I am my own Santa.

2018, I am coming for you!!