Healthy Weight Gain in Pregnancy

So when I got to know on 5 Dec 2016 that I am Pregnant that same day I got to  know I am weighing 70 kgs, and thanks to being pregnant I can do nothing to reduce it; rather now I have to go on the higher side of the scale.
There are so  many myths attached to weight gain in pregnancy because of which most women end up gaining excess weight during pregnancy which is hard to get rid of later.
MYTH 1 – As soon as you get pregnant you should start eating for two
Reality – initially your baby is a bunch of cells so no need to  eat for two and later also eating for two does not mean that you can have double the unhealthy food for example you cannot use being pregnant as an excuse to have large double cheese pizza or two scoops of ice-cream. (Though occasional indulgence is a different matter altogether)
The bottom line is eat what and whenever don’t force yourself and always eat healthy
MYTH 2 – pregnancy gives you licence of guilt free eating of anything 
Reality – This  is the most rubbish thing which is put in mind of newly pregnant ladies. Pregancy does not mean you can have oodles of cakes, chocolates or ice cream because heyy!! pregnancy cravings
Rather you have to be extra careful now because whatever you eat will go to your little  one
MYTH 3 – you have to gain 15-20 kg for healthy baby
Reality  – As I said I was already overweight when I conceived the very thought of gaining  20 kg was nightmare for me. But thanks to my doctor; she told I should not increase more  than 10 kg.
So yes your weight gain should be according to your BMI as advised by your doctor
In addition to that regular walking is very helpful in avoiding unnecessary weight gain, proper mixing of healthy eating and walking will also help in avoiding high BP and gestational diabetes.As far as weight gain is concerned remember every single extra pound will make your postpartum weight loss journey more difficult
I hope my article was helpful for all the would-be mothers who are worried about their weight during pregnancy.
Ohh Yaa and by the way if you  are wondering….. now I am 60 kgs 😉
– Rachna Shrivastava
I am a first time mom of a six month old as a working mom for now life is about  struggling to strike a balance between work life and mom life. Follow my journey on my instagram handle @momofafluffball