To Parents, from the bottom of my heart

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Today’s prompt is Letter to parents/in- laws/kids  and here is our take on that.

Dear Parents

Parenthood makes you realise two things: One, you are not always the center of your universe. Two, you have been the center of someone else’s universe all your life.

At this point, we are quite aware of how difficult it is to give so much of yourself to a little life, day after day. Not only did you do that and more, you also made it seem rather easy!!

Now, we know we are not the ” I love you” or “hugs and kisses” kind of family. Our love comes out through fights, discussions, actions and food! But you have to be nice and accept our thanks today!

  • Thank you for the freedom to design our life
  • Thank you for the constant support
  • Thank you for the tough love
  • Thank you for teaching us to question
  • Most importantly, thank you for not kicking us out in spite of the heavy provocation!!

With our thanks, kindly accept these messages too:

To my Mother

1461299_572530826162309_1941903821_nYou have come a long way in life. You are the closest a human can1456626_561768767238515_1049986413_n come to a doctor without doing an MBBS. You are easily the best styled woman in our extended family. You have given your everything to your family. I hope in years ahead, you get to live for yourself too. Go to Goa already!! You owe it to yourself. Your children are fierce, but full of love for you and appreciate everything you do. You are more like a friend or a sister than a mother to us, and that is something we shall always cherish.

To my Father

64281_862042710544451_4100145752160798670_nYou encouraged us to question everything. Never imposed any of your believes on us. Taught us how to be assertive without being rude. Always treated us as little people, and nurtured in us the urge to think out of the box. I am so thankful for your farsightedness,


for you made us realise so early in life, that when I fall there is only one person who can pick me up and dust off the dirt, and that person is me. After being on the go for over 50 years, I hope you find time to chase your own wishes. I really want you and Amma to spend some quality time together minus all you trillion responsibilities.

To my Mother in Law

12141790_916580465090675_8818418072079148157_n11250623_845042208911168_1189677395200997155_nYou have always encouraged me to think ahead for myself and nurture my own personality. You are the best example of the fact that a woman can play many roles in life and still have it all together. We adore you for your grit and the fact that you always have something encouraging to say to us all. You have been a constant source of support for us. I hope in the years ahead you get to slow down, relax and pamper yourself.

To my Father in Law

10952395_826445760770813_2547782923706709930_oI wish everyone had a dad like you and we love the child in you.1555383_584784634936928_1135392927_n Your dubsmashes with your sons says a lot to the world. We are so proud of the challenges you have overcome in life. One can talk to you for hours and hours together, and you are the strength of our family.

It is hard to be all that you have been. As the first generation from our family to settle in a new city (Delhi) and from there to build this beautiful family; the struggles you have endured are never going to be forgotten.  In this month of love, I am making a wish for you all. I wish you all get to live a little for yourself and enjoy the life you have worked so hard to build.

Lots of Love.


 I would like to thank Charu from The Mom Sagas Blog for introducing me. You can read her post here .
I would also like introduce my fellow blogger Priyanka, you can read her wonderful post on the prompt here.

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