Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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This is the second day of the 5 day Lol-A-thon (letters of love blogathon) organised by Momstiens. (more on the hosts at the end of this post). Today’s prompt is – letter to an inanimate object. I thought I will write one to my mirror (A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO GIVE IT A PIECE OF MY MIND RIGHT?)


Dear Mirror

Whenever I look at you these days, I am reminded of these concluding lines of Sylvia Plath’s poem on you:

In me she has drowned a young girl, and in me an old woman
Rises toward her day after day, like a terrible fish.

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I read this when I was in school, and it has stuck with me through all these years, as have you, in all your honesty. So, here is a letter to thank you for being truthful.

So much of how I see my physical self, is from what you show me. The selfies and the cameras may lie, but not you. You reflect every fold of fat, every scar and every flaw exactly. I have not always loved the exactness (honestly) but I do appreciate it; for all that is also a part of me. No matter how many layers of make up and clothes I hide under, there is no hiding from you.

After my teens, I think I rekindled our romance only when I was pregnant. It was in this phase that our relationship found new meaning. I got to see our little one grow inside me through you. The precision with which you recounted every single one of the changes in my body, made me like you more and more. I remember standing in front of you to see our girl kick from inside, just to know what it looks like (which is just as important as what it feels like).

After our girl arrived, I stood in front of you, searching for the mother in me, all you showed me was a deflated human balloon (Thanks much!). So, you don’t always have the answers I look for. But you have always worked with me patiently, till I find them.

So, through all that I found the answer to:

Mirror, Mirror on the wall; who is the fairest of them all? 

It is YOU. You have  no favorites, no bias and no discrimination. You show what is, earnestly; loyal only to truth. So you are truly fair to everyone who looks at you.

I thought when I write you a letter, I will be capturing my hate for all the bad stuff you throw at me everyday now. The bad hair days, the dark circles and the little forest growing above my eyes. But, when I thought about it, I realised you are just keeping a reminder for me. Reminding me to not forget myself. Everyday, you stand there, with this message for me, and everyday I ignore you. Yet, you don’t give up.  For that I love you deeply.

I wonder if anyone felt this way about a mirror before. Maybe it is something felt by those who contemplate enough. Maybe some keep it as a secret affair. But here I am to declare that you charm me with your loyalty and authenticity. So, this is my letter of love to you, for helping me look inside, and for helping me find myself.



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