To the Neighbour, I Have Never Met

Dear Neighbour Paati

I live next door and was wondering if you know my name. We have only met twice in the last year, even though we live 1 meter away from each other. I don’t want to dissect the reason for that. So, I thought I will write you a letter to say hello and get to know you better.

I see you walking in the parking lot everyday, tall and lean in beautiful sarees. I see you smile even when you are walking alone. I often wonder, if you are reciting a hymn under your breath, secretly, only for your Gods to hear.

I was away for two months to write a few exams, as a part of my higher studies. When I came back, I learnt Thaatha had passed away. May his soul rest in peace. I have only seen some of him when those curtains at your doorway dance to the evening Chennai breeze. Wish I had gotten a chance to know him better.

We are a loud and talkative lot with a toddler that too. It is possible then, that you’d want to  chase us with your spatula from time to time. I can think of quite a few such instances in the recent past. Like that night lilM was awake past midnight, or recently when she was sick and she woke up howling at 3am. Then there was our reunion party. Pro Tip:- Think of us as a bunch of monkeys and it will all start to fall in place for you.

Now, you don’t even know us by our names but you always take our amazon delivery when we are away. We have never asked you or amazon to do so, but between the three of us a system seems to have evolved for that. It is not the strongest of bonds or anything; but it makes us see each other in the face and exchange a couple of fleeting smiles at least.  In those smiles I hope to have conveyed that we are here for you, just as you are here for us.

Did you know, every other day, I take a deep breath in to take in the aroma of sambar coming from your kitchen, when I am still a couple of hours away from breakfast. It fills me right up! with cravings…but still. I get reminded that food is to be looked into as well. Since I don’t know your name yet, maybe I can call you sambar paati for sometime. What say? (very glad this is a written letter and I am not available for a beating at the moment)

It’s okay that we don’t talk to each other much. It saves us the trouble of having to explain the reason why lilM was crying at some odd hour to one more person. You also can curse us without guilt for being such a troublesome bunch. But, we can always slip in these letters to each other in the spirit of some old school camaraderie.  How do you feel about that?

So, I understand having neighbours like us must be like having an odd pimple on your face, it doesn’t hurt you or itch. But it is there, sticking out like an eyesore. You have been pretty nice about it thus far. So please do accept our gratitude, and with it our friendship today.

Here is hoping that you slip in a few words for us through that door someday.



P.S: I am making idlis tomorrow, just saying….


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Thanks to whatsapp, I don’t have anything to tell my friends. So I will write a letter today to my neighbour.

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