Hello Smarty Pants!! It’s me, YOU!

Dear Kutty A/Li’l A

You grow. Then after sometime you grow old. I don’t think I would call me old yet, but you might. So I suppose the best way to describe myself would be that I am you when I become what you think is old. (But while we are on the subject, can I just say, when you get here you will realise you are still young. Or young enough anyway)

Would you like a summary of the journey ahead of you?- No right? That is not how life is to be lived. You make memories after the journey not the other way round. So, what do I write about, because this is a unique opportunity. It is not everyday that you get to write to your younger self after all.

I know you are looking for some reassurance, about all the unknown experiences that lie ahead. But, I’d rather you go and find that out for yourself. I am very Dumbledore that way, I know it all but I am still going to put you through the drill. (Well, so you know you remain a Potterhead even a decade down the line.)

I can tell you one thing- the 10 years ahead, are your prepschool for life. You learn all that is essential and fundamental. Soak-in every experience. You will be grateful for every trouble, challenge and failure you overcome and succumb to.  Even when it looks hard, it will yield beauty. As is with every journey of self-initiation, it will be special, and it will leave you liberated and confident.

1929656_10681205406_4351_nI have someone here who reminds me of you. She is a fighter, she is strong and I hope she grows to be just like you. With all the flaws, anger and restlessness. I hope like you, she follows only her own heart, and dares to make her own choices.

When I was where you are, I thought I was a flawed person. Damaged goods even. But when I think of you today, I couldn’t be more proud. You are my role model now. I aspire to maintain the standards you have set for yourself.

I am not a finishing line, at the end of the decade. I am already in you, getting shaped and molded through your deeds. But I wonder what you think of me when you read this. Do I sound more evolved?- I guess not! haha! I am only another version of you re!

No automatic alt text available.But don’t forget the important point – I am real, I happen. You make it. Well, not in life, not yet, you are yet to touch 30, be patient!! But you make it through some tough stuff and through lot many years ahead of where you are at the moment. (Reassured much?)

Okay, here is something for you- You are afraid you don’t have enough stories to tell your grand kids, don’t worry. It gets very exciting from this point forward. There is success, struggle, failure, melodrama, adventure, learning and more!! Your grand kids are going to need a loong looooong loooooooooong life to hear your stories.

So, Chin up soldier, and march ahead. Life awaits!!

Okay, so I don’t feel like concluding it without making at least one big reveal. Here goes:- I am in love with you. I know from where you are right now, it looks difficult, but you will really grow to love yourself. I embrace every drawback, failure and difficulty in you along with all that is amazing! Society will tell you it is not ‘nice’ to love yourself. But that is one thing you will never be- ‘nice’.  It is a very small price to pay. So don’t hold yourself back. If you start feeling happy about being you, let that feeling take over. It is okay to be comfortable in one’s shoes.

Happy now? Get ready to be charmed, you! Much more of life awaits.


Chechi A /elder A

P.S: I am adding two photographs of yours that I hold dear. You will know why in good time.

P.P.S: Better photo editing software comes up in a few years, you will love the new filters!

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