Hi You!

I have spent most part of today trying to find something nice to say to you through this letter. I could not come up with one single thing! So, I am going for the rant-flow here. I shall write whatever comes to my mind as it comes to my mind, right at this moment, when I think about you.

As I write, you are napping with LilM, and all I can think of is how great a dad you have come to be. What a transformation!! If you ever doubt your parenting skills, DON’T!

This year we are turning 5 together! It feels like a milestone when I put it that way doesn’t it? Maybe we get to do something fun for our anniversary this time? LET’S PLAN!!! (Which ofcourse means that I will plan and share the details with you!) 

I am undecided about whether to make this post about praise or love. Praise I think I have already done some. So let me show some love now eh?

Ours is a not a love-at-first sight story. It started off quite awkwardly, both of us putting are most demure side on display as we opted for an arranged marriage. I don’t think I will ever know how I met someone who had been through almost all the same issues as me in life. I am not a strong supporter of arranged marriages, I don’t think marriages are to be categorised as love or arranged; in my head there are only two kinds- marriages that work and ones that don’t. I am pretty sure we met by fluke! But it happened and it was as beautiful as any love story I’ve read. So as far as believing in fate goes, meeting you makes for a very strong case. So this year is to celebrate that hand of pure chance, that brought us to together.

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We make each other laugh, we see each other through the darkest of emotions. The space we share is beautiful, no pretense and no have-tos. I love that a lot about us. Do you remember how when we went out before lilM, people would tell us: you don’t look married, I still wonder what that even means. Did we not do the PDA thing right? Do we not hold hands enough? What do you think it was?

Now that we are parents, we can officially say that we have started another chapter in our life.We have grown and so has our love. I didn’t know that about love. Did you? – That it grows, changes and takes different forms? So, what does having a child do to our romance?- Nothing much I suppose (and hope). We want her to see her parents in love – All the good and the bad of it, don’t we?

It has been a beautiful ride so far!! I bet what is ahead is going to be pretty kick-ass too. I wonder if I will ever sit down to pen such words again, so I’ll put it down in black and white:

Our love is everything I want it to be

For in it, I find my true-est  me

It has grown from a sapling into a tree

Even with its deep roots, it feels free

When things get bad and you don’t know what to do

I hope you remember that I’ll always love you

I am no poet, and what little poetry I might have in me has been replaced by lilM’s rhymes. Ha Ha!

So that is what that is, a little note from me to you to mark another valentine’s day we will simply ignore because we both suck at this hearts-chocolates-gifts thing.




This is the last post as a part of the 5 day LOL-A-thon organised by team Momsteins. I am very glad I decided to join 25 other fantastic bloggers for this blog train.

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