A Parent is many things rolled into one. An adult, a child, a cousin, a spouse, a parent, a cook, a counselor, a teacher, a friend and so much more.

Some days are just a battle between our own roles. Days when you are more of a child but need to seriously be an adult can drive any regular human being nuts. But not parents, because we are not allowed to lose it!

Becoming a parent is the easiest way to lose your independent identity. Suddenly who you are becomes in relation to another person. You are no longer you…you are someone’s something. At once that can make you feel both loved and wanted as well as lost and bound.

A day will come when the kids grow up and move out, the relatives perish or seize to be important and you will still be left with that daunting question : who am i…for me.

working or having a career can be one way of finding your purpose.. But it isnt the only way nor is it a foolproof way. What you need is the mindset, that I am someone…beyond the roles I play. Beyond the Gods I pray to, and beyond to people I care for..I am someone to me.

Think of your hobbies, think of working on your skills. Think of studying. Cultivate new tastes, enhance your knowledge. Read and feed your brain. You are a parent….but you are also a lot more. You are your only shot at exploring the world and the wonders it holds there in.


Start this Monday on this note. A note to you about yourself. Make sure to keep it on the top of all other reminders for the week. Write it in bold and stick it on your fridge even..THIS IS YOUR LIFE TOO. YOUR ONLY LIFE.