About Us


This is a small initiative to put the Indian perspective of parenting out there, by sharing experiences from our parenting journey. As advocates of equal parenting, we are hoping to promote a platform for parents-both dads and moms-to talk, interact and blog on a single platform.

We became parents in the year 2016 to a baby girl- LilM and realised soon enough that a big chunk of conversation on parenting is dominated by Moms. While Moms do rock, it is important to get the dads talking too!

So here we are, with our story. It is the usual parenting story, with a few twists and turns. We hope to put our thoughts and experiences out there, not only to deliver parenting gyaan, but also to learn from fellow parents. We believe that the Indian Parenting Challenge is unique, and would like to encourage more dialogue in it.Β  From what I can tell, all parents borrow from each others experiences, I know I do.Β  So, let us all get together and share what we know!

To Dads and Moms out there, You are awesome (no matter what you feel about that today) and we are eager to hear from you. Do write to us, instagram us, Facebook us or comment with your thoughts on our posts.

Read on to know more about how LilM is raising us! (lol)


Happy Parenting!